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The omnishambles comes to an end. No charges for Osidge Lane and Brunswick Park car parks!

Following the omnishambles we reported during the election campaign, Barnet Council has now confirmed that no charging regime will come into place for Osidge Lane and Brunswick Park Road car parks. They say:

Councillor Dean Cohen, Barnet Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, has confirmed that no new charges will be introduced at two car parks in Brunswick Park ward.

The two car parks are those in Osidge Lane and Brunswick Park Road.The announcement comes after Cllr Cohen confirmed in May that council car parks in Egerton Gardens NW4, New Brent St NW4, Church Hill Rd EN4 and Quakers Court NW9, would remain free of charges.

The announcement on the Brunswick Park ward car parks was not able to be made until the Brunswick Park by-election had taken place.Cllr Cohen said:

“I apologise to residents that I wasn’t able to make any announcement about these two car parks before now.“

Election Purdah restrictions mean councils can’t make any announcements which could be seen to influence the result, but I’m happy to confirm that no charges will be introduced at these two car parks following representations from residents and local ward councillors.”


In a massive shock Conservatives lose safe seat to Labour in Brunswick Park

Update: Labour sources calculate the swing to them at 13.25% (TBC)

Update 2: Labour Party issue press release on their victory

Update 3: The Independent write up the shock by-election result

Update 4: Press Association calculates swing as 13.2%

Barnet London Borough - Brunswick Park:

Lab 1769, C 1598, Lib Dem 97. (May 2010 - Three seats C 3496, 3353, 3307, Lab 1994, 1937, 1758, Lib Dem 1289, 1217, 1066, Green 548, 431, 409).

Lab gain from C. Swing 13.2% C to Lab.

Video of declaration of the result

Speech by the winner, Labour's (Councillor) Andreas Ioannidis

Scanned copy of the signed declaration


Labour and the Conservative's Brunswick Park election day offerings

Our broad sweep of most roads in Brunswick Park ward uncovered Labour and Conservative tellers at all polling stations (which were all deathly quiet) some large teams of Labour activists going door to door but no real activity of Conservatives on the street (however we understand phone canvassing is taking place)

Fresh from the battle front...


The Conservatives have curiously omitted to put the date on their leaflet... Hmm...


Ominous Storm clouds loom over Brunswick Park on eve of decisive poll


Now Conservatives wheel out Boris in Brunswick Park election letter

This undated letter has just reached us. The second in a few days, and moments before the polls open. Now the 'local campaigner - I'm not a politician' is photographed and supported by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

The Conservatives have chosen to make this campaign, pretty much, all about personalities. It has been very policy light. In the final letter the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, ramps this up further pleading with local Conservatives to vote for Mrs Mahmood despite the huge unpopularity of Barnet Council arguing,

It's about who is going to represent Brunswick Park Ward most effectively


Conservatives last minute targeted appeal for support in Brunswick Park

Below is the Conservative's letter to supporters to come out and vote for their candidate on Thursday.

Curiously not only has the claim that the car park charges have been scrapped been dropped but the claim that Mrs Mahmood is not a 'professional politician' has morphed into her not being a 'politician'. We're not sure from her very senior and highly political position in the Conservative Muslim Forum that that is a more accurate, or even truthful, statement.

Our correspondent informs us that they are suspicious over the accuracy of the database the Conservatives are using as both husband and wife are known Conservatives but only one of them received this letter.


Eleftheria : "Andreas Ioannides for Brunswick Park by-election"

This week's edition of London Greek newspaper Eleftheria carries Labour's candidate for the Brunswick Park by-election on the front page...

...with a big endorsement inside (in English and Greek). Update: we've been bombarded with emails telling us the Greek version is a different to the English version and 'much more punchy'. We have put out several requests for a translation, none have yet come through.

Andreas Tambourides must be over the moon....


The Returning Officer for the Brunswick Park by-election requests Conservatives cease making "incorrect" free parking claims

The Bugle has reported here and here on the row in the Brunswick Park by-election centering on claims in a Conservative leaflet that a decision that parking at Osidge Lane and Brunswick Park Road car parks "will remain free".

We remained slightly baffled as to what the Labour Party meant when it claimed on 22nd May that the Conservatives had "withdrawn" a leaflet that had already been delivered and why and how they knew this and on what basis. So we asked the Returning Officer, Mr Nick Walkley.

Below is the response, in full, to our enquiry from Barnet Council:

The Returning Officer’s concerns with the leaflet related to the following statement.

“Following a successful campaign by your local Conservatives, parking will remain free at the Ward’s two car parks”

No such decision had been published by the Council on this matter and, as that is the only decision which can be relevant for these purposes, the statement was incorrect. In that regard, he requested that no further leaflets were distributed, or otherwise published, incorporating this particular statement or any other which might convey or imply that the Council has confirmed a decision in relation to free parking at the car parks in the ward.

The concern was that a wrong perception may arise that the Council has assisted others with regard to publicity and, as such, acted contrary to the law regarding local authority publicity during the “purdah” period.

We have put in several emails to the Conservative agent for the by-election but none have even received an acknowledgement.