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Video: Full Council Wednesday 15th July 2014

Our exclusive uninterrupted footage of first ordinary full Council meeting under the committee system on Tuesday 15th July, 2014 7.00 pm. Papers for the meeting


Video: Assets, Regeneration and Growth Committee 9th July 2014

Assets, Regeneration and Growth Committee Wednesday 9th July. Papers for the meeting are here


Video: Hugh Rayner shares his secret money making tips

Here is our footage of Cllr Hugh Rayner sharing the secret of his success in how to make easy extra money at the Business Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee Wednesday 24th October. Thanks to @BarnetEye for jogging our memory.

OLIVER-You Gotta Pick A Pocket Or Two by billy_declan

And for some light entertainment, here's the excellent Ron Moody as Fagin in Oliver teaching his 'boys' how to make easy money by reaching their hands into other people's pockets


Video: Adults and Safeguarding Committee 2 July 2014

Adults and Safeguarding Committee Wednesday 2nd July. Papers for the meeting


Video: Housing Committee 30 June 2014


Video: Labour comfortably holds delayed Colindale by-election

and the winning Labour candidates from left to right Cllr Zakia Zubairi, Cllr Gill Sargeant and Cllr Nagus Narenthira

And the full result

The Conservatives now just have a majority of one over all other parties combined on the Council. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, concludes our coverage of the 2014 Barnet local elections!


Mea culpa II: Cornelius - I was wrong to move a Council meeting to clash with Labour conference

Hard on the heels of his mea culpa of what Labour call his 'indecent proposal' to pair extra Councillor allowances with a pairing arrangement, Richard Cornelius has made another apology.

At the shambolic Annual Council meeting the Conservatives moved an unannounced and unexpected change to the date of the September meeting of the Full Council. The proposed to move it from 15th September to the 23rd. There was just one big problem with this...

And so the Council Chamber erupted with fury.

Labour flew off the handle that what they say was a convention not to hold meeting during national party conferences and that they had not been given advance notice. They demanded that the vote of each Councillor be recorded. This story also made the local newspapers.

Hard on the heels of his apology over seeking to link extra allowances for Labour with a pairing arrangement the Leader of the Councl offered an apology of sorts over this too. He told the Friern Barnet Library Any Questions last Friday

(the moving of a Council meeting to clash with Labour Party conference) needs to be adjusted


Mea culpa I: Cornelius - I was wrong to conflate Councillor Allowances with pairing arrangement

The Annual Meeting of Barnet Council on June 2nd, was almost universally accepted as being one shambles of a meeting. Its repurcussions are still be felt as an investigation by an expert local government lawyer is being conducted into the mess up over the misapplication of the law over proportionality calculations by the Council and the Councillor's allowance proposal is also to be brought back for redecision.

Aside from the legal questions over the Members allowance scheme, there was political contraversy as it was claimed by Labour Leader Alison Moore that Conservative Leader Richard Cornelius had sought to use taxpayer funded allowances to 'bribe' Labour to agree to a pairing arrangment to guarantee the Conservative's wafer thin majority.


As our footage above shows there were howls of protest when this 'indecent proposal', as Labour branded it, was exposed.

Well three weeks on Richard Cornelius has delivered what he described as an 'elegant apology' for his behaviour. He told a small audience at Friern Barnet Library any questions last Friday

When I made that offer to Alison Moore, it was an offer that I deeply regret that I did make. It was… (heckling) if you do something wrong you say sorry… It was wrong to conflate the two issues together. It was right to offer a pairing arrangement and to suggest a pairing arrangement only for the very sick Councillors. That's what I offered. That's fine, it wasn't accepted.