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News: Revolving doors at Hendon UKIP farewell Jeremy Zeid welcome Dr Raymond Shamash!

This afternoon the Hendon Times broke the story that contraversial UKIP candidate for Hendon and self confessed motor mouth, Jeremy Zeid had resigned about comments he posted on facebook talking about kidnapping President Obama.

As we were all slowly digesting that news in Bugle Towers, as if by magic, UKIP conjured up a replacement in the form of a man of letters Dr Raymond Shamash FDS, RCPS (Glasgow). (Pics below courtesy of UKIP Barnet)

In the introductory article on UKIP Barnet's website he declares

I am not a career politician and work as a Specialist Oral Surgeon for Northamptonshire NHSm married with three daughters. We have roots locally, my Father having served on the anti-aircraft batteries of North London during WW2 . I, myself, was a front-line Medical Officer in the Israeli Army during the Yom Kippur war. I have lectured to Church congregations on the conflict in the Middle-East and the dangers it poses to the ancient Christian communities there . My hobbies are amateur dramatics), sailing and hiking.

He continues and explains he commitment to the NHS and the need to control and reduce the 'sheer scale and pace of immigration' to prevent it 'swamping our unique British way of life'.

Read the full article here


Video: ITV London News - Finchley and Golders Green is Labour's longshot 

ITV London News 30 March 2015

Their general London poll extrapolated to FGG shows it is 'too close to call' but cautions that local factors will play a part in many constituencies



Video: ITV London News at the Court hearing that evicted the Sweets Way political squatters

ITV London News 30 March 2015


Video: ITV London News comes to Hendon to test the political waters

Courtesy of ITV London News 30 March 2015


Video: Matthew Offord one of last MPs to leave chamber and shake John Bercow's hand

Matthew Offord was the last but one MP to leave the House of Commons chamber on 26 March following prorogation and valedictory speeches from members who know they are not returning. As moved forward in the queue to shake Speaker Bercow's hand he paused at the government's despatch box, turn and touchingly grasping it with both hands for a few seconds before moving along.


News: Electoral Commission overturn Barnet Council's decision and creates new Polling Place of Annunication School in Hale

Breaking news - more to come later... Letter to Barnet Council below.


2015 03 27 ScallanA to TraversA Hendon Polling District and Place Review Appeal Decision by barnetbugle


Video of the General Function Committee of 11 November (first 30 mins) where the original decision was taken against the advice of the Council Officers



News: Barnet Council grants Belmont Children's farm a month's reprieve against imminent closure due to planning enforcement

Barnet Council has given Belmont Children's Farm a last minute month's reprieve from a planning enforcement notice that would require it to close. Mr Joe Henry wrote to the farm to confirm this late last week.

In the video below, shot before the recent news of a 'stay of execution' from 30 March until end of April owner of Belmont Farm, together with charities, children and vetinary students appeal directly to Barnet Council in the film below not to close the farm down on Monday using a 'flawed' planning enforcement process. 

Video courtesy of Belmont Farm.

Should the farm fail to reach an agreement with the Council they have now stated on facebook that they will open their doors after May 1st for free


Video: Annington's Sweets Way development on BBC London News

BBC London News 26 March 2015